The Daily Pennsylvania on Quechua at UPenn


The Daily Pennsylvanian, University of Pennsylvania’s student-run newspaper, published an article that share the opinions and experiences of students taking Quechua:


By putting Quechua on a university level, we recognize that Andean culture and people are not just myths, but have knowledge and value,” Quechua professor Americo Mendoza-Mori said.
There’s a responsibility that comes with learning Quechua, of understanding the importance of what the language means to different people,” Abby Graham said. “And that’s something that all of us studying the language have internalized…..”
“The words do get very long, which makes them tricky to speak sometimes but also an interesting challenge to overcome,” College and Wharton senior Gleeson Ryan said
“I met practitioners who teach the language…and activists in New York who run Quechua radio and TV programs,” said Graduate School of Education doctoral candidate Frances Kvietok


Ñawinchay! Read the complete article, here


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