Thriving program makes Penn a Quechua language hub

From the Penn Current November 2016 edition:

“Américo Mendoza-Mori, a scholar of the indigenous language, facilitates the Quechua Initiative’s educational and cultural classes, as well as its related student groups on campus.

Although the Quechua language has been overlooked for hundreds of years, it is now enjoying a revival with the help of specific governmental policies and student interest across the world. The Penn Language Center has offered Quechua since 2014, and is the only Ivy League university to do so in such a capacity.

…The thriving program is putting Penn on the map as a Quechua language hub, too. A few months ago, Mendoza-Mori was invited to speak about his work at Penn at the United Nations in New York for the commemoration of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples.  …”

Read the full article by Lauren Hertzler, here: 







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