Press Conference: Celebrating the 9th anniversary of theUN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Since fall 2014 I had the privilege to start the Quechua language program at the University of Pennsylvania, which started in Fall 2014. We offer beginning and intermediate Quechua classes. Also, in collaboration with undergraduate and graduate student we raise awareness about Andean culture at uPenn through different cultural activities: talks on Andean topics and Quechua cultural nights. The reason we do this is because we acknowledge the  deep relationship between language and culture.

We are working to develop an interdisciplinary network of scholars working in the growing field of Andean Studies across the United States, as well as to help foster a mentoring relationship between established and emerging scholars.

* Role: Founder


The Quechua Alliance (QA) organizes events that aims to promote an exchange of ideas between college students and professors who share an interest and passion for Quechua language and Andean culture. QA  works towards creating a space for students to become dynamic leaders. Therefore, we want to foster the relations needed to build a strong network and community of Quechua students at the university level. The signature event is the Quechua Student Alliance Meeting, the event of its type in the United States: its format of a one-day gathering with cultural activities, lectures, games, debates and dialogue. The first edition of the Quechua Student Alliance Meeting in 2015 had an attendance of 40 people from Massachussets, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio.

*Role: co-Founder

Previous projects


*Co-founder and former director


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